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  • Black Roses Embroidered on Black Sweatshirt, Special Occasion Sweater

    Embroidered Roses Sweatshirt


    Don’t compromise between fancy and comfortable. Wear this unique embroidered sweater and look extra chick and classy for any occasion. This sweatshirt features elegant floral design embroidered with some metallic threads. It gives this sweater soft glamorous shine and makes it look quite fancy. In addition, embroidered leaves around the roses are made using a…

  • Embroidered flowers CroppedSweater

    Embroidered Flowers Cropped Sweater


    Enjoy yourself wearing this unique sweater with embroidered flowers. It will look chick and classy for any occasion. This black crewneck sweatshirt features elegant neon green flowers embroidered with shimmery organza fabric as a background. It gives the embroidery a soft shine. This sweater reaches top of a belt line and fits true to size….