About Brand

Have you ever found yourself surfing the Internet for something special, mood-lifting, one-of-a-kind? Or maybe you looked for places where your own ideas could come to life?

Welcome to Kate Elkind, a colorful and free-spirited brand for young-minded women who have a passion for creative fashion, art, and nature. It specializes in custom and limited edition women’s handbags, clothing, accessories, and more.

It offers unique products to dazzle your imagination, like embroidered purses, unique clutches, work-ready totes, hoodies, hats, and custom embroidery. Inspired by nature, fine arts, travels, humans, and fashion, Kate’s designs are always positive and full of surprises.

One thing that makes this company different is that it values your voice. It caters to your desires by creating customizable designs. It strives to surprise you with designs both distinctively beautiful and functional. Kate believes that each woman has a unique story to tell, and one way to do it is with her fashion style. Handcrafted with love, things start to reflect your taste and personality and speak on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Kate Elkind brand cares about its impact on nature; so, it pays close attention to the production process, fabric choices, and disposal. As global community members, it’s our responsibility to work together to protect and heal the planet and strive to be eco-friendly. The company helps by choosing slow fashion over fast. Also, it gives back part of its profits to Environmental Organizations.

About the Designer

Hi there! I’m Katherine, a founder of the Kate Elkind fashion brand. Thank you for visiting my creative space. I am delighted to give you a glimpse into who I am and what I do.

I’ve been a tree hugger, a fashionista, and a creator all my life. I received a formal education in Design and Patternmaking in 2001 and an Accounting Degree in 2009. This unusual mix of directions describes me pretty well. I love learning and chasing my dreams.

When I started my company Kate Elkind in 2016, I hoped it would further my passion for fashion and nature and help me to share inspiration, find joy, and send love to the world.

Today, my biggest passion is everything created with embroidery. I create embroidered bags, clothes, patches and continue adding more items every day. I also love to hear your voice and accept custom orders. Feel free to message me with your inquiries.

I hope you find what you are looking for and have a beautiful day!