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  • Blue Bag with Animal Prints and Flowers

    Blue Bag, Animal Prints, Flowers


    Nature has so many rich textures! This design combines several bold prints like zebra and leopard. Pink flowers and some lace soften the overall look and result in a stunning visual effect. This summer bag is so versatile. It will look great with everything from romantic dresses to casual jeans. You can dress up or…

  • Black Roses Embroidered on Black Sweatshirt, Special Occasion Sweater

    Embroidered Roses Sweatshirt


    Don’t compromise between fancy and comfortable. Wear this unique embroidered sweater and look extra chick and classy for any occasion. This sweatshirt features elegant floral design embroidered with some metallic threads. It gives this sweater soft glamorous shine and makes it look quite fancy. In addition, embroidered leaves around the roses are made using a…

  • Embroidered Sweatpants

    Embroidered Sweatpants


    Have fun wearing these beautiful, embroidered sweatpants. They feature traditional Ukranian folk embroidery design called Vichyvanka. Merging modern and traditional craftsmanship is a great way to celebrate fashion. These sweatpants may be ordered as they are or as a set with a matching hoodie.  The set is made of soft District brand products. Content –…

  • Eucalyptus and Flowers Patch

    Eucalyptus and Flowers Patch


    Decorate your clothes with this lovely eucalyptus branches and flowers patch. This wonderful composition will look the best on a back of a denim jacket. Peel a paper liner off, iron it on, and you are done. Decorating with patches allows you to breathe a new life into your clothes with ease. It is an…

  • Full Lips Patches

    Full Lips Patches


    Decorate your face mask with this beautiful lips patch? Embroidered with a 3-D effect, they have natural roundness to them. They were inspired by the famous Marilyn Monroe lips.

    It’s a super quick and easy way to add playfulness to your life. Peel a paper liner off, place the patch on a garment and iron it on. You are done!

  • Orange Poppy Flowers Bag, Light Beige Bag

    Orange Poppy Flowers Bag


    Neutral beige, but with some color pop, this orange poppy flowers bag beams with energy. Let beautiful flowers inspire you every day! It was created for women who love nature and elegant designs. This poppy flowers bag will look great in spring, summer, and fall. This bag is practical and spacious. Made waterproof nylon, it…

  • Peonies Bag, Blue Bells, Eucalyptus Branches, White summer tote, Flowers Lover

    Peonies Bag


    Pink peonies, blue bells, and eucalyptus branches – together they create a wonderful composition! This pink peonies bag is absolutely perfect for summer. It will inspire you to dress up every day! Because it’s white, it will match well with light summer clothes. And soft pink flowers will add a romantic touch to your style….

  • Pineapple, Hibiscus Flower, Flamingo, Tropical Leaves

    Pineapple, Hibiscus, Flamingo Patches


    Create a vacation vibe all year around by decorating your favorite clothes like denim jacket, a hoodie or a T-shirt with these tropical patches. They come as a set of one of each – a pineapple, a flamingo, a hibiscus flower and a tropical leaf . You can get a set or select individual patches….

  • Toucan Tropical Patch, Tropical leaves, Jungle Bird, Clothes Decoration

    Toucan Patch


    If you are looking for an awesome tropical vibe decoration, this toucan patch is a lovely choice. It depicts a colorful toucan peaking out of tropical leaves. It will be perfect for upgrading your denim jacket, a hoodie, a backpack, and everything else. It’s a quick way to give your wardrobe new mood. Peel a…

  • Ukranian Folk Embroidery

    Ukranian Embroidery Hoodie


    Have fun wearing this beautiful, crop hoodie. It features traditional Ukranian folk embroidery design called Vichyvanka. Merging modern and traditional craftsmanship is a great way to celebrate fashion. This hoodie may be purchased separately or with matching sweatpants.  The set is made of soft District brand products. Content – 65/35 spun cotton/polyester. This hoodie fits…

  • White, Blue, and Black Sweatshirts

    Ukranian Vyshyvanka Sweatshirt


    If you have always adored the look of a traditional cross-stitch embroidery, this embroidered sweatshirt is for you. It features traditional Ukranian/Belarusian embroidery design called Vyshyvanka. This design merges modern and old-fashioned styles in a way that it makes a simple everyday item like sweatshirt Bohemian looking and stylish. Elements of the floral design borrowed…

  • Wanderlust Embroidered Hoodie, mountains and flowers, wilderness, unique gift

    Wanderlust Hoodie


    Looking for a unique gift for a nature lover? This embroidered hoodie depicts beautiful view of mountains and flowers. Embroidered with golden threads, it radiates soft sunshine over this scene. This style was created to celebrate wanderlust and beauty of wilderness. Choose from a variety of hoodie colors. Also, you can change colors of embroidered…

  • Wanderlust Patches, Snowy Peaks, Great Canyon, Sunset on the lake

    Wanderlust Patches


    Connect instantly to nature and wilderness by decorating your clothes with nature inspired wanderlust patches.

  • Embroidered flowers CroppedSweater

    Embroidered Flowers Cropped Sweater


    Enjoy yourself wearing this unique sweater with embroidered flowers. It will look chick and classy for any occasion. This black crewneck sweatshirt features elegant neon green flowers embroidered with shimmery organza fabric as a background. It gives the embroidery a soft shine. This sweater reaches top of a belt line and fits true to size….

  • Butterfly Hoodie, Dreamer Golden Embroidery


    What is better than a cozy hoodie?  That is a hoodie so beautiful so it makes you dream! A butterfly embroidery for this design was inspired by a rare tropical butterfly. Embroidered with golden threads, it glows and looks truly mesmerizing. This style is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. As a canvas for…

  • Celestial, Universe, Space Cosmos, Inspired Sparkling Hoodie, Unique Gift, Rumi Inspired

    Celestial Hoodie


    Looking for a unique gift?  What about gifting a piece of the Universe and words of wisdom from Rumi? Embroidered with golden threads, this celestial hoodie is so sparkling and shiny that it looks truly mesmerizing. Embroidered on it “Shine like the whole Universe like it is yours” add to overall positive vibe. The embroidered…